Introducing Powerful Flowers

POWERFUL FLOWERS is a flower based beverage offering four different delicious flavors including Hibiscus, Orange blossom, Cherry Blossom and Rose.

Each flavor also has its own distinct health benefit with label designations to indicate each. These include Cleanse, Immunity, Relax, and Beauty.

Vibrantly delicious flavors with only ten calories and zero sugar.

Which One is Your Favorite?


What makes Powerful Flowers different?

Very high in antioxidants with approximately the same levels of antioxidants as pomegranate and blueberry juice.

An excellent alternative for those who can’t enjoy the health benefits of fruit and berry juices due to the high sugar content like people with diabetes and children with ADHD.

We’re headed in the right direction

Strategically positioned in the all natural space alongside Kombucha and cold pressed juices to claim a high retail price with profit margins already approaching an extremely impressive 50%.

Powerful Flowers is following the same launch path that Coconut Water and Suja Water executed.

Poised over the next couple of months to enter 200-300 fitness studios in Southern California, such as yoga, barre and spin to gain initial authenticity and credibility with the consumer base before entering local regional natural food chains in the same area.

Powerful Flowers has an exceptionally experienced leadership team. Michael Yao and Allan O’Neal have more than 30 years of combined experience in beverage distribution and operations with companies such as Pepsi, Starbucks, Coke and Heineken.

Recent headlines in regards to the beverage acquisition market:

  • “Kobe Bryant’s $6M investment in BodyArmor sports drink now worth $200M”
  • “Dr Pepper/Snapple Agrees to Buy Bai Brands for $1.7 Billion”
  • “Whole Foods Market identifies floral flavors as the number 1 trend for 2018. A trend that will continue to grow for the next several years”
High in Antioxidants
ZERO Sugars
0 Sugars
5 Calories
100% Naturally Delicious

Investment Landscape Opportunities Available
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